Making your own WP7 Angry Birds

Currently on the blog you’ll find a series of posts detailing how to write your own Angry Birds for WP7 using XNA.

You can download the free app from the Marketplace:
If the  above link doesn’t work, use the Marketplace on your phone and search for ‘Pigs Fly’.

The game will look like this:


6 Responses to Making your own WP7 Angry Birds

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  2. Tareq says:

    i loved your tutorial: wp7 angry birds, thank you.

    can you give me a hint how can i create a path for the projectile objects?

    • Bald Dev says:

      Catapult Wars training kit from app hub, has an exercise on how to achieve this(or something similar, I think it draws the path where projectile will fall, but you can get an idea from there). That’s where I would look.

  3. Techtacy says:

    Here is the complete tutorial full working thanks goes to Jo De Greef

    i try to add the game state manager (MENU) from app hub

    the game work with menu but i have problem with touch i can’t move nothing any help?

    ps. if you have errors you must add refernce as the step 2

  4. Davis says:

    Hello, I was looking though your tutorials, thanks, their great. I downloaded your game on my windows phone, and I love the menus for it. Could you perhaps write another tutorial on the cool transitions in the menus in the Pigs Fly game?

  5. jodegreef says:

    I’ll see what I can do. Time is limited at the moment.

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